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In 4 days a new Newroz will be celebrated. The fire ofnewroz has been the symbol of hope, struggle and spring throughout history.

In the beginning of 2013, after the negotiations that took place in Imrali, Abdullah Öcalan’s letter was read in Newroz at Diyarbakir. His words; “today a new era is beginning. The period of armed struggle is ending, and the door is opening to democratic politics. Now the weapons must be silent, ideas and politics must talk”created vast hope, joy and excitement in the 80 million populated Turkey.

The wounds were just starting to heal in the peace process that was set off with huge risks.  In this two years nothing has been easy but the emergence of new wounds were hindered.  Today, the significance of this is clearer. The wounds that were starting to heal were exploited again. Turkey again became the country of deaths and Emergency rule.

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PRESS RELEASE: Democratic Political Scene Must Be Enhanced Armed Action Should Come toan End PDF Print E-mail

Turkey, by suppressing the 15th of July coup attempt, has left behind a massive catastrophe. The coup attempt has moved Turkey to a critical edge. In this historical bend, every actor gained increasing responsibility and duty.

After the coup attempt, some occurrences and the statutory decrees that emerged with the Emergency Law have created serious concern and anxiety within the public.

The reorganization of the state in the framework of fundamental human rights, the constitution, law and international agreements anda democratic executive will not solely remove the uneasiness on these topics but will also pave the way for the resolution of a range of problems, including primarily the Kurdish Question.

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The Peace Foundation has made its first Ordinary General Assembly, PDF Print E-mail

The founding members of the Peace Foundation has gathered  for the first Ordinary General Assembly, at Cezayir Meeting Hall

In the General Assembly chaired by our founding Hüsnü Ödül, clerkshiped by associate theologian FatmaAkdorukand Gülten Uçar the new members of the Board of Directors were chosen and the coming agenda was discussed.


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The Resolution Repot is Announced April 1, 2016 PDF Print E-mail

Peace Foundation that has been leading its establishment activities for a long time launched its first study ‘The Peace Process from Dolmabahçe to Present-Day: Understanding Failure and Finding New Paths’ at Neva Palas Hotel, Ankara. The report was prepared by. Cuma Çiçek from Mardin Artuklu University and Vahap Coşkun from Dicle University.

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In solidarity with academics for peace April 8,2016 PDF Print E-mail

Peace Foundation Directors held a peace watch in order to be in solidarity with the academics Esra Mungan, Muzaffer Kaya, Kıvanç Ersoy and Meral Camcı that were arrested because of signing the petition of Peace for Academics named ‘we will not be a part of this crime.’

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