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Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 19 March 2017 18:58

In 4 days a new Newroz will be celebrated. The fire ofnewroz has been the symbol of hope, struggle and spring throughout history.

In the beginning of 2013, after the negotiations that took place in Imrali, Abdullah Öcalan’s letter was read in Newroz at Diyarbakir. His words; “today a new era is beginning. The period of armed struggle is ending, and the door is opening to democratic politics. Now the weapons must be silent, ideas and politics must talk”created vast hope, joy and excitement in the 80 million populated Turkey.

The wounds were just starting to heal in the peace process that was set off with huge risks.  In this two years nothing has been easy but the emergence of new wounds were hindered.  Today, the significance of this is clearer. The wounds that were starting to heal were exploited again. Turkey again became the country of deaths and Emergency rule.



The conflict shifted to the towns. Cities were destroyed and historical heritages were demolished.  Massacres, bombs and suicide attacks were normalized. Fear, overtook whole Turkey.

The rusty “separatist” defense has been ignited. A peace person like Tahir Elçi was put on the spot and murdered. Writers, scientists and rights activists were fired. Academics that asked for peace were detained. Lots of civil servants lost their jobs. Parliamentarians, mayors, party and civil society members were arrested. Trustees were attained to municipalities


On 15th of June, a coup attempt that could have taken the country to a worse spot was blocked.


Turkey is on a ring of fire. The only exit is by igniting the fire of peace which has turned into ashes. Primarily, civil society organizations, individuals asking for peace, and anyone who calls itself a “human” must act on for peace to foil the hope to live together. We have to be devoted and insistent. Turkey must return to peace before it is too late. The ones that destroy the hope for peace must stop doing the country harm.



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