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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 30 January 2018 20:53

The phrase "There are innumerable nights in the war strategy" in the context of preparations for military operations against Afrin was the declaration of war.

This situation means, in our region, more tears of mothers in our country, more people dying, more destruction.

With thousands of global and national plans and calculations, the people of the region are unilaterally and arbitrarily imposed, and the peoples are being torn apart. War provocation is being done. People are having a hard time choosing to die or kill.

It is not possible for the 21st century humanity to accept it. War and conflict are not methods of problem solving, should not be.

These dirty plans and accounts can be corrupted and must be corrupted.

Whatever the case, the method of problem solving should be more dialogue, more negotiation.

In any case, the problem and the solution of the matter must be sought through dialogue and negotiation with the answerer.

We believe that peace advocates, whether it is late or not, will have a solution to our problems and that the future of our country will be more secure.

The winner of the war will not be the loser of peace.

We invite all of people, especially our responsible executives, to act together, to act together to overcome the danger of war without being too late, and to put an end to unilateral behavior, imposing all sides to arbitrariness.

Board of Directors of Peace Foundation

January 17, 2018

Last Updated on Tuesday, 30 January 2018 20:54

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