Let Newroz Becomes a New Beginning for Peace!

March 20, 2018

Middle Eastern peoples celebrate Nevruz / Newroz bitterly this year, the symbol of fire, freedom, peace, hope, struggle, spring and future.

Turkey is going through a difficult process. A large majority of people are not hopeful about tomorrow. There is serious wear in social values.

The universal value of humanity the peace is the most important of among them. We are living in the days that the importance of word, dialogue with the other and seeking solutions to problems by dialogue is diminished; peace is considered as crime.

It is the right time to remind the people of this country the great enthusiasm and winds of peace created by Abdullah Öcalan’s letter across the country , just five years ago, in 2013’s Newroz in Diyarbakır.              

The wounds of war that has been lasting nearly for 40 years began to recover. Of course, for  two years nothing was so easy. The hardships were survived, the risks assumed and eventually the deaths were avoided.

What about now? What happened in Afrin in front of the eyes of the world are as we all know. Bombs, massacres, deaths become banal. Prisons filled with political prisoners in the past three years have begun to become compulsory venues for those who demand peace, those who share their wishes on the social media, those who oppose deaths in 2018.

Every day, again and again, “seperation, deception and survival problem” is being exacerbated.

Together, we are in a circle of fire open to provocations. The way to get out of here is to revive the idea of peace in society, to elevate the desire for peace, and to protect each other.

To revive peace means to end deaths by strengthening life with justice. To be human and to be able to stay human is to dignify that human deserve naturally. No further evil should be allowed to these lands and this country.

Peace Foundation

Board of Directors