Peace Foundation for an Equal, Free and Democratic Future (Peace Foundation) is an independent civil society organization formed by intellectuals and directors of the civil society coming from different political backgrounds.

The foundation aims to by setting off primarily from Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the right to life guaranteed with the constitution and laws, the protection of fundamental rights and freedom, by moving from universal human rights principles establishment of social justice and democracy for all, the establishment of permanent peace in Turkey.

By this means it contributes to the establishment of peace in just, equal and democratic means, reconciliation culture and the strengthening of social bases for living together.

The Peace Foundation focuses on the peaceful resolution of the Kurdish Issue.


The peace foundation is constructed on the Turkey Peace Assembly founded in April 1, 2007 by writers, intellectuals, academics, journalists, politicians, artists and lawyers reflecting diversity in Turkey. The Peace Assembly as a civilian initiative has been working on the peaceful and egalitarian resolution of the Kurdish issue and conducted studies against violence, racism and hate speech at 17 cities in Turkey for 7 years. At the same time, it advocated the peace perspective in the public sphere by conducting campaigns, meetings and conferences.

Our Work

In order to pave the way for the peaceful resolution of the Kurdish Issue our working priorities are conflict resolution, confrontation with the past, the development of a peace language and transitional justice.

Benefiting from international experiences in our work is one of our primary principals. We aim to transfer the cases of different countries and different experiences to our country in every kind of work.

Educational seminars, workshops, conferences and meetings in different formats are carried out in the Peace Foundation. When carrying out projects the foundation cooperates with expert institutions and individuals on conflict resolution.



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